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Founded in 2007,Dongguan Boyue pany(Beyond Label) is located in Donguan" The City of Manufacturing inChina". 
We are the manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of self adhesive labels and stickers. We print various types of self adhesive stickers and labels such as foodlabels,packaging labels, product labels ,liquor labels, cosmetic labels, foillabels,warranty stickers,toiletry labels, transparent labels,bottle labels,andcustomize stickers that are made from the specification of ourcustomers’requirement.Our main expertise lies in the development of customizedlabels.
With our expertise, we are able to provide an amazing and widerange of products to our customer, which meets the demand of variousindustries. The customized stickers and labels are available in variousprinting designs and attractive colors, which create a lasting impression ofthe product. These labels and stickers are made by using the best raw materialincluding printing ink and etc. With our modern machines, we are able toprovide 8 color labels and stickers printing to our customers. We do conduct several of quality checks on all the products that we manufacture to ensure the quality of the products before sending it to our clients. All the products that we offered are at the most reasonable price and timely deliveries.

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(If you need a similar marketing website, then pick up the phone and dial 0 or , the trustworthy Dongguan pany merce and trade website.)

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